DPO 6th Ed. Talley, Pickard, Emery, and Swift  

Descriptive Physical Oceanography:
An Introduction (6th Edition)



L.D. Talley
G.L. Pickard
W.J. Emery
J.H. Swift

Citation: Talley L.D., Pickard G.L., Emery W.J., Swift J.H., 2011. Descriptive Physical Oceanography: An Introduction (Sixth Edition), Elsevier, Boston, 560 pp.

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  • Elsevier companion website containing:
    Supplemental chapters
  • Chapter S7: expanded version of the dynamics chapter (Chapter 7) with many more illustrations
  • Chapter S8: all marginal seas materials, also estuaries, coral reefs
  • Chapter S15: climate and the oceans
  • Chapter S16: instrumentation
  • Supplemental figures for most chapters
    Powerpoints with all figures in full color, even if not in color in the print edition.
    Image gallery: slide presentation through all of the figures.

  • Link to Java Ocean Atlas examples
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