CLIMODE Hydrographic Data: CLIMODE 1 (November 2005)

General information

Survey: CLIMODE 1
Ship and cruise: Oceanus 419
Expocode: 32OC419
Dates: November 9 - November 27, 2005


Data files

All data files are final.
  • SUM - ASCII station/cast information (WOCE format)
  • BOT - ASCII bottle data without station information (WOCE format)
  • PROP - ASCII bottle data with station information (tabular format)
  • CTD - zip file of ASCII CTD data Seabird format (self-describing)
  • Documentation

    Cruise report, planning documents, participants, etc.

    Notes on the bottle data: salinity has been quality controlled. Oxygen has not.
    Notes on the CTD data: preliminary. Major spikes have been removed. Oxygen has significant hysteresis compared with bottle data.


    Vertical sections of potential temperature, salinity, potential density, oxygen
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