Talley, L. D., P. Tishchenko, V. Luchin, A. Nedashkovskiy, S. Sagalaev, D.-J. Kang, M. Warner and D.-H. Min, 2004. Atlas of Japan (East) Sea hydrographic properties in summer, 1999. Progress in Oceanography, 61 (2-4), 277-348, doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2004.06.011.

NOTE: This print version of this paper has primarily black and white figures. The full set of color materials is online, in Appendix A, and is linked here as a pdf in its entirety, including the print text.

  • local pdf of printed text, mostly black and white figures (62 pages, 17 MB) progr_oce2004_talleyetal.pdf

  • local pdf of digital text with full set of color figures (Appendix A) (248 pages, 230 MB) progr_oce2004_digitalfigs_talleyetal.pdf
  • Reduced size, suitable for Acrobat 7.0 or later: local pdf of digital text with full set of color figures (Appendix A) (248 pages, 21 MB) progr_oce2004_digitalfigs_talleyetal_ac7.pdf
    The figures in this version are of as high quality as in the much larger version, but display more slowly.

  • Link to Elsevier online materials, including Appendix A.
    Then browse to Progress in Oceanography.
    Then browse to Volume 61 (issues 2-4).
    Then scroll to Article 10.
    Click Full text + Links. This will bring up the online version.

    The file download is quite slow, and it is nearly impossible to download all the color figures and captions without errors. Therefore I greatly recommend downloading the local pdf listed above, which is organized into a single document with a table of contents.

  • Online atlas, with additional searching, data sets, and all of the graphics from Appendix A.
    Last update: May 19, 2006