Fortran subroutines

Zip file of all fortran subroutines

SIO Oceanographic Data Facility CTD subroutines 07/30/86

alpha.f -- calculate specific volume and anomaly
cond.f -- calculate conductivity from p, t, s
dynht.f -- calculate dynamic height
grav.f -- calculate local gravity
isnan.f -- test for missing value
o22pp.f -- convert o2 ml/l to partial-pressure
o2sat.f -- calculate o2 saturation and aou
o2scal.f -- convert CTD o2 (uamps) to ml/l
potmp.f -- calculate potential temperature
pzcon.f -- convert pressure to depth or depth to pressure
rho.f -- calculate density
salin.f -- calculate salinity
setnan.f -- set real number to missing value
sigmp.f -- calculate sigma n
stabl.f -- calculate stability (E)
svel.f -- calculate Del Grosso, Chen & Millero or Wilson sound vel.
vfreq.f -- calculate Brunt-Vaisala frequency
xprtf.f -- calculate transport
its90.f -- calculate temperature ITS90 from IPTS68 (added 10/00)

WHOI CTD subroutines, all in ppsw.f:

sal78(cnd,t,p,m) salinity from conductivity
svan(s,t,p0,sigma) specific volume anomaly
depth(p,lat) depth from pressure
tf(s,p) freezing point of seawater
cpsw(s,t,p0) specific heat
atg(s,t,p) adiabatic temp gradient
theta(s,t0,p0,pr) potential temperature
svel(s,t,p0) sound velocity
bvfrq(s,t,p,nobs,pav,e) Brunt-Vaisala freq and stability
grady(y,p,nobs,pav,ybar) least squares slope 'grady' versus p
p80(dpth,xlat) pressure from depth
gravity(xlat) gravity
coriol(xlat) Coriolis parameter